ranger lvl 50

Looking to join Sinister? Post here!

by championofbeer » Apr 16 2016, 3:43 am

holdt/ championofbeer
black desert possibly rise of agon
I played with members in DFUW
Sendog suggested i sign up
I started playing games 15 years ago with runescape and worked my way through games like wow, warcraft 2, diablo 2, cs source, csgo, lol, smite and many more.
Emperium divine:because the leaders quit playing games
Battle saints: we are still friendly but most members quit dfuw when pop got low.
i play before work for a couple hours if im not going to the gym. like 12pm-2pm and after 1am-3am and some on the weekends

Black Desert Specific
Use the following format for your post title: BDO - ranger(considering re-rolling)/50/championofbeer
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by Sendog-SiN » Apr 17 2016, 6:27 am

Hey Champion,

Give me a shout ingame when you can. "sendog" usually on Valencia U2 channel.
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