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Sinister is going on 20 years in 2016. It was founded at the end of 1996 start of 1997.

The purpose of this post is to give new additions and potential applicants a basic understanding of how our guild works, and what is expected of you as you progress. Remember that our guild has a long and proud history, and we guard the keys to it. Wearing our tag is and has always been considered a privilege, not a right. All Sinister, from Member to Core have fought for and earned the right to wear it, and it should not be taken lightly. You will be tested, you will be pushed and prodded. You will need thick skin if you plan to survive and advance.

This is not like any other guild you have been a part of, you will have to earn everything.

Basic Guidelines:

1. Guild before self.
The basis of our guild since 1997 has always been to value the guild name above our own name. We expect that new additions respect the current members and accept our leadership. This also means that if there is PvP and your help is needed/requested, then you should drop whatever you are doing and respond. We are a PK/PvP guild first and foremost, so this holds importance over whatever else you may be doing.

2. Donations required.
We require in-game donations of resources during any active games (from all members, not just Recruits). This allows us to apply resources towards the guild's interests and progression. This also is a chance for newer members to prove the guild-before-self mentality exists in you. - For the purpose of Black Desert Online, This means you are expected to help with guild missions.

3. Know your role.
Respect higher ranking members and follow their orders. Do not post on any forum under any circumstances on the guilds behalf. Your opinions are your own, but you do not speak for the guild. Guild leadership alone will make any posts necessary to voice the opinion/direction of the guild in public. You are not the PR person.

Do not be annoying or talk excessively in voice comms. Keep in mind that we try to maintain discipline and order while in combat. You are expected to know to keep quiet when there is any PvP going on in your channel unless you are actively participating and relaying necessary information. If you talk to much during intense moments, You will be harshly told to shut up. Have a thick skin.

All ranks have their rank title below their name on our forums and are color coded for identification purposes. On discord you will find the same type of color coding.


This is the starting rank of being part of the guild. From here you are not yet a full member of Sinister. Nothing is guaranteed. If there is another game that comes around and you were not advanced to member you will have to apply all over again and meet any requirements to be tagged in that game.

This Means if we have recruiting open to level 50+ only, you will have to reach level 50 even if you played game XYZ with us in the past.

We watch everything you do, We have a whole forum specifically designed for this and a thread is created about you from day one. The good, the bad, and the ugly end up in here. Should you meet and exceed our expectations, you MAY be asked to join Sinister as a Member.

To become a Member of Sinister it means you have proven yourself in other games with us and we like the way you play, you are an asset to the clan and we would like to keep you around and even have you move up in the ranking.

Being selected to become an Member shows that you have invested enough time, effort and skill that special notice has been taken of you. There is no set time period for how long it takes to become a member. We will decide that based on what we see from you.

At this stage you have made it to permanent status in the guild. Members enjoy all the benefits of being Sinister, and gain access to the Private discussion boards. You are still not involved in the decision making process, with few exceptions.

SiN Vet:
SiN Vet is not guaranteed on time invested. It is based on merit alone. At this point you're recognized as a loyal guild member who goes above and beyond to help Sinister dominate in any game we play. You have displayed both gaming skill and a potential for leadership and as such are "in the pool" for possible future selection as a Core. You may be assigned various leadership duties, lead raids, organize certain guild functions or generally assist the Core and Leaders.

This rank is also based purely on what you have done and showed to us, and not everyone will end up a Core. At this rank, you have made your mark in Sinister, and you're fully recognized for your achievements and long service. You have gained the respect of your fellow Core and have earned a voice in the guild direction. You are expected to lead the rest of the guild by your example and represent Sinister mentality to the fullest. Your actions represent the guild and every Core helps shape the guild for the next generation of gamers.

Once you are promoted to Core, you gain access to the Core only section of forums. Although things in the clan are not always voted on, we always get the pulse of our Core before making any big decisions or additions to the Core ranks, and you have earned the right to have a voice in these matters.

Game Leaders:
This rank is rarely used, if ever. As we usually have one of the 2 guild masters playing the game we are official in. At times we will appoint 1-3 additional leaders for the game out of our core ranking. They are to be looked at as Leaders. Listen to them

Guild Master:
Guild Masters are long standing and trusted members of Sinister who have been appointed by Bonedancer to have full leadership of the clan and in various games, regardless of their rank. They are the ultimate decision makers in that game, and their will takes precedence over any specific guild rank. They will always be active no matter what game is being played.

As of this posting the Guild Masters are:

Supreme General and Guild Founder:
BoneDancer is our founder and up until recently was the sole guild master of the clan. Nothing has changed here, Bone alone has the power and respect to come back and decide on anything he so chooses. No one has the rank nor will they ever to veto a "Bone call" Additional he is our sage who guides the guild as a whole, Guild Masters are in frequent contact with bone and he knows what the status of the clan is at all times. He is often called upon to give guidance.
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