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Looking to join Sinister? Post here!

by Creedy » Mar 19 2016, 1:27 am

What game are you wanting to join Sinister in?
Black Desert

Why do you want to join?
Looking for a PvP guild to be a tryhard with

Were you referred to Sinister by a current member? If so, who?
Guerrerox referred me when we were doing a quest together and I told them about my interest in joining when I was level 49

A brief history of your gaming experience.
I've been playing MMORPGs for 10 years now

Prior guilds and why you may have left them.
Haven't had any prior guilds because I took the time leveling to 50 to learn the mechanics of the game

Play time and timezone when you play most.
EST - Usually on around noon after class and play mostly in the evenings/late at night

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by Sendog-SiN » Mar 19 2016, 5:06 am

Hey creedy,

Send me a message ingame tomorrow as "Sendog" or family name "Sendog_sin"
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