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by Kisako (Xarakis) » Mar 15 2016, 11:07 am

Howdy Folks,

I'm looking to link up with ya'll on Black Desert Online.
I'm looking for an active, competitive, guild for PvP (both smaller and large scale GvG). I'm also looking for a community to belong to and work with. Most online games get rather boring if you're running solo the entire time.
I was not referred by a current member.
I've played quite a few games over the years. I've listed some below, but I'm prolly missing some.

Path of Exile
Everquest 2
City of Heroes/Villains
Lord of the Rings Online
Star Wars Galaxies

I only ran with two guilds so far on BDO. Anchorhowl got mixed up in the server issues and ended up split. A few different reversals regarding whether we'd reroll or not ultimately led to me deciding to just stay on Uno. RavenTail I linked up with a bit after meeting the GM doing scroll bosses. but he's since disappeared and the guild never really got off the ground. I decided that once we started bleeding members that it was time to move on.

My play times vary a bit. I work overnights 3-4 days a week on weekends. So I can be available either early mornings (CST) after 6-7:30 AM or later afternoon/evenings. this changes during weekdays though since I'm up during the day watching my neice.

I'm 32 years old.
Kisako (Xarakis)
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by Sendog-SiN » Mar 15 2016, 5:10 pm

Hey Kisako,

Thanks for the application.

Please message me ingame when you get a chance.

Ingame name: Sendog
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