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Looking to join Sinister? Post here!

by Lilith_Aylin » Mar 12 2016, 4:56 pm


What game are you wanting to join Sinister in? Black Desert Online

Why do you want to join? I live for the PvP, regardless of game I am playing.

Were you referred to Sinister by a current member? If so, who? None, just seen yall around quite a bit

A brief history of your gaming experience. Started when i was like 11 or 12 on UO. Played on mostly the Great Lakes shard. Guild was FS!. From there I have done many other MMOs. The best pvp out of those was Aion and Tera for me, though the siege battles on warhammer were great until the exploiting.

Prior guilds and why you may have left them. Oblivion. They don't like PKing. Mostly a care bear guild, though they have a few decent pvpers in there.

Play time and timezone when you play most. I am in CST. I play most the weekends and when I get home from work during they week at 5pm.

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