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by fiske » Apr 25 2016, 1:28 pm

Hey guys, been awhile (from wow era) and hope everyone has been doing well. Not sure if anyone else has been tuned into some of the drama Blizzard has stirred up for itself with shutting down a popular Vanilla WOW private server called Nostarlius ( If not it's been pretty entertaining and is certainly worth a few youtube searches.

I played a bit on it myself and I must say it was f'ing fun going back to wow how it was in the first couple years. The server had a great community (5-10k people on all the time) and you knew the groups you were fighting / competing against instead of the cross realm stuff... Anyways Blizz gave them a Cease & Desist causing the shutdown and the Nost team raised a petition running (link below) to Blizz for them to do official "Legacy" servers themselves or adjust their policy on these type of volunteer projects. It's got 230k supporters atm, if it resonates with you at all throw your support on there. ... =522873458

Still have alot of fond memories playing with you guys back then. Curious if Blizz did release servers running over expansion versions (Vanilla, TBC, etc..) any interest around here?

*Also a project called Kronos is opening a fresh vanilla server this week after thousands of players moved there after Nostarlius was shut down. I plan on checking that out, very well might be doomed in the long run as well but will enjoy some low level fighting in westfall/redridge/barrens in the meantime.

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by rafe-SiN » Apr 26 2016, 3:53 am

sup fisk! ya some of us were talking bout that silliness the other day. we all had some good times back in early wow, but as of now I don't see myself wanting to play on a vanilla wow server. I feel like its one of those cases where the memories are better than what it was the majority of the time! lol
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