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exactly that!

by Nefarious-SiN » Mar 15 2016, 5:26 am

There is a Star Wars app that plays' like clash of clans. It is called Star Wars Commander. I checked it out, and it seems pretty kool. If anyone is into that kinda game check it out. Send me a friend invite. My name on there is Dread Lord.. I'm starting a clan on there. It will give all the fishers of Black Desert something to do while fishing.....

I'm Imperial Faction, and have my base on Tatooine...just Apply to the Squad AfraidYet :D

EDIT:If you don't feel like playing it on your phone. There is a pc version. I am Imperial faction there also. Squad is Dethklok...... ... zdncrdcvdw
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by EricaDasilva » Feb 27 2018, 12:33 pm

Hey, this sounds really interesting.
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