New Years Eve EVENT - Reviving old MMO Through the weekend!

exactly that!

by Sendog-SiN » Dec 31 2015, 6:27 am

Hey All,

For those of you that are over the whole "go out and get smashed on new years eve" thing, I'd like to hold an event starting tomorrow where we invade/restart new characters together in an old MMO we all played.

The rules will be as follows:
Create new character starting from level 1
No Power leveling / Grinding (we are doing this to play together its not a race!)

Now onto the game selection. For this weekend what i'd like to do is take a quick vote to see what garners the most interest.
Looking at MMO sites and what i have heard recently we have a few choices, all of these have recently had new expansions come out and are very populated:

Elder Scrolls Online (Imperial City Expansion)
Guild Wars 2 (Heart of Thorns Expansion)
Star Wars TOR (Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion)

I am gonna make a poll on our member forums for these 3 games. I will post here tomorrow by 3pm EST with the results and let anyone interested know which games we are going to and server details.

If i missed a game you truly think should be on there go ahead and reply with a write in. We need to decide quickly of course.

PS. I plan to do events like this more often in the future, it does not always have to be an MMO either. just as long as it is multiplayer and we can play together i dont really care what it is!
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