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exactly that!

by Emissary » Nov 12 2014, 11:36 am

Hi guys,

My name is David Wells and I am part of the indie development team creating Das Tal, a sandbox MMORPG. I got in touch with Sendog a while back to see if it would be okay to chat to you guys about potentially having some playtests with Sinister. He invited me to post on the forums but did warn me that ArcheAge was keeping you busy. I thought I would wait a while, let you settle into AA a little and now here I am :)

Firstly, here are a few links that will give you an idea of what we are creating in Das Tal.

What is Das Tal? (Video)

Our About Page

Some PvP footage from a playtest back in June

The current game is just a combat prototype really, and no MMO elements are present. What we are hoping to do is get as much feedback as possible from experienced PvP'ers while we develop these combat systems and generally tweak usability. We want the basic gameplay and combat to feel right to PvP players, and we want there to be some semblance of balance from the start.

The perfect situation here from our point of view, would be if we could have a point of contact here in Sinister that can take the names of people who are interested in participating in such tests and set up with me test times. Having you guys just sign up on our site does get us a couple of testers, but it doesn't give us the structure we need to really make use of the potential here. If this in the end is not possible at all, I would still of course welcome you to join us for some of the closed public tests.

I will let you guys talk about it to see how you feel, you can contact me whenever you are ready. I will check back on this thread, but ideally if someone could email me the.ardent.emissary@gmail.com it would be much appreciated, I spend a lot of the day rampaging around to different pages.

Really look forward to hearing from you.


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