August 28, 2014   rafe

Many of us are still playing all kinds of games, as is usual during the downtime between mmos.  There are a couple masochists that went back to play Darkfall, many still play Dota2 or other random games daily(find us on  steam/psn/xblive!), and a group of us have been playing Archeage beta for a while.  There's a handful of us awaiting a few of the upcoming console releases such as Destiny, but the majority are looking forward to Archeage.  

Archeage Gliders

There has been hype about Archeage for many years, and it is finally almost ready for a NA release.  The official release date isn't set in stone, but it is expected to be entering open beta within a month or so.  SiN plans to hit this game with our usual gusto, so new and old players are invited to stop by the forums and hook up in the latest closed beta events/open beta!

Once a release date is known and server names are confirmed, expect another news post announcing where we are going and which faction.

As the title says, Sinister will be playing ESO on the side of the Daggerfall Covenant.  It's been a while since a game has come out that actually seems polished and ready for prime time.  Over the past 6 months or so the game has shaped up quite nicely as the developers have been very receptive to feedback from the players.  I admittedly haven't played the game a ton, but the bit that I have it looks like it could easily provide a few months of fun at the very least.  The class/progression system + the diversity it allows, and the significance of crafting throughout the whole game are both very strong points for the game.

Those of you that have been out of action for a while should probably dust off your keyboards and pre-order for the early access + ability to play any race on any alliance.  I think this will be one you don't want to miss!

The 5-day early access launch is on Sunday, March 30th @ 7am EST.  With it being a single mega-server for NA if you want your normal name you better get up early!

February 26, 2014   admin

Got the new site up and running.  Hopefully it stays up and running!  Have a look around.  A quick list of things on the todo list:

  • Get more history written and added to that section.
  • Get logo/whatever for top section(that's why that big blank area is there!).
  • Work on layout of the streams section more.
  • Adjust some text coloring on the forums as required.

If you run into any issues please feel free to send me suggestions/feedback.