July 16, 2016   ace

For once I wont be posting about a new sandbox with some pretty castles to kick over. Something else is happening..One of the leaders of SiN as well as one of the most respected among the community has decided that his quality of life has taken a fall over the years and is determined to do something about it. If you've ever been involved with SiN then you undoubtedly know of Sendog. Having had reached 450 lbs overweight he's now on a journey of self improvement and is taking anyone willing along with him. With a new alter ego going by Hugh Mongous, he will be taking a record of his journey and forming a movement through his  YoutubeFacebook, and Snapchat. Although your issue may not be about weight, there might be something that you wish to improve about yourself. A goal that you hope to reach. There will never be a perfect time to change your life around, so there won't ever be a better time than right now. This is what the #HughStrong movement is all about. No more complaining or even silently assisting the downfall of your own quality of life. There's no greater enemy than yourself and today is the day that we conquer our own self imposed mental limitations so that our physical selves can achieve the greatness we're entitled to.                                       


February 23, 2016   rafe

Black Desert Online

Cause you're gonna need them!  That's right Sinister has decided to give Black Desert a shot.  Many of us have had a wary eye on the game for a while, and it is shaping up to look like a pretty fun game.  There is some crying about cash shop prices, but that is only a concern if you want to dress up like a hentai princess so most of us are good!  Sorry Halred and LC you are gonna have to break out the mastercard.

There aren't any confirmations yet about server set up, but I am assuming it'll be some sort of "mega server" given how the name reservations went by regions only.  We will be on the NA region for sure, however as usual we'll pick a server that floats our boat at the time if there are multiple so check back for an update if that is the case.

I invite all the regulars to think about checking it out, and if you do plan to then hit up the forums and hop in Discord for more info.

August 12, 2015   sendog

With the recent announcement of a new patch that will completely change the game of Darkfall Unholy Wars, I am excited to enter this world again. Nothing since has captivated me in its world as Darkfall has been able to.

I highly suggest you check out the post of the new patch that is being implemented onto the server as of this posting. Darkfall Unholy Wars 8/12 Patch notes

A small group of us along with many old friends from Lords of Death will be returning officially this Friday (8/14/15 5pm PST)  evening for some old nostalgia and pvp. Look to Sendog's Stream for live gameplay of the moment we drop into the game starting tonight 8/12/15 at 8pm PST and continuing through the weekend.

I hope to see some old faces again.

August 02, 2015   ace


After being promised to be released "shortly after launch", just over a year ago, the long awaited Imperial City release is finally upon us! It is currently scheduled for release on 8/31/15, but it is also on the PTS for those that want to try out its content beforehand.

So, what is the Imperial City in ESO? Imperial City is a PvP zone within Cyrodiil. Your Alliance must own a certain number of keeps before you can gain access to the sewers that lead to the Imperial City. This means that 1 alliance can potentially lock out the other 2 to keep all the new gear and loot for themselves. Once within the sewers you are placed inside your home base, which is a safe zone that only your alliance can access. From here you can access one of the 6 districts above to PvP or continue exploring the sewers and its PvE content. Players are not the only threat you face in the districts though. Daedra litter the streets and are around every corner. Some are trash mobs killed in a few hits, but others are elite bosses capable of killing the strongest warrior with one well placed blow.  

The Imperial City DLC also adds something new to ESO, besides dungeons or a new locale to quench your PvP thirst. It adds risk to PvP in the way of a new currency named Tel Var Stones, which are required to buy the V16 gear sets. As of this post you lose 100% of your stones when killed by another player. The only way to secure them is by storing them in your bank either at your alliance base or starting point within Cyrodiil. Dying by mobs causes you to lose these stones as well, but only a small percentage. 

As stated above, there are V16 sets, so obviously the veteran system is being expanded upon as well. There are still plans to remove them, but that day won't come by 8/31/15. ZOS has, however, lowered the effort required to obtain a veteran rank, which is available for anyone that owns the base game.

  • 15% decrease in the amount of XP it takes to gain a Veteran Rank
  • 100% more XP for all public dungeons
  • 50% more XP for all Veteran Rank quests
  • 20% more XP in Craglorn

For a more in depth look on the upcoming patch click here.

May 07, 2015   Zoe

Currently we have a few members spread out among a number of different games. There is a handful in ArcheAge still(but the Sinister tag has been retired in the game), some have gone back to check out the newest updates to The Elder Scrolls Online, and a decent number have decided to give FFXIV: A Realm Reborn a go. You can also find many of us playing steam games together. It's slim pickings for MMOs options these days.  As seems to be a common trend every few years, we are currently waiting on “The Next Big Thing”.  While we wait we are at least enjoying the games we have chosen.

So, if you want to play with or against us you can find us in the above mentioned games. The servers or factions are: 

  • AA: Tahyang(East) - “Westside Connection”
  • ESO: Daggerfall Covenant - “Sinister”
  • FFXIV: Fairie - “SiNister”

See you in game!

April 25, 2015   Ace

ArcheAge Naval Combat Expansion - April 28th (Dread Prophecies)

The open seas of Auroria are about to get crazy! Daily objectives will drive traffic across the contested waters. Entire fleets of fully customizable ships will vie for control of the Sea of Graves, Kraken, Freedrich, and more.  The new ship customization will include:  ArmamentsSailsFigureheadsMastsSteering GearNavigation(and more!). Some of these components will be able to be regraded, but even the strongest of components will come at a price to your vessel. These higher quality components, while improving its intended performance, will burden your ship with extra weight. As a result, your ship that might pack a huge punch will be slower than usual. All of these components will have their own durability, so damage can be focused on a specific one to help give your crew the tactical advantage! New naval battle focused character builds will be needed!

October 03, 2014   rafe

We are still going strong in ArcheAge with no signs of letting up.  We went into launch with a plan, and so far things are going according to that plan rather well.  With hard work put in by the whole guild we managed to claim 90% of "Sinister Island" during the the first day land grab with the remaining properties gradually coming into our control over time(just a tiny bit of strong arming!).  All farms on the island that we want built have now been built, and this past weekend we got our 1000 gilda mansion down/fully built. 

Sinister Mansion

We managed to get one of the first, if not the first, Merchant Ship on the server, followed closely by a Fish-Find Longliner(fishing has been a pretty big hit apparently!) and several Lutesong Junks.  

We are all now getting geared up and prepared for the coming Auroria patch, mixed with some pirating here and there.  Of course to do pirating you need ships right?

August 28, 2014   rafe

Many of us are still playing all kinds of games, as is usual during the downtime between mmos.  There are a couple masochists that went back to play Darkfall, many still play Dota2 or other random games daily(find us on  steam/psn/xblive!), and a group of us have been playing Archeage beta for a while.  There's a handful of us awaiting a few of the upcoming console releases such as Destiny, but the majority are looking forward to Archeage.  

Archeage Gliders

There has been hype about Archeage for many years, and it is finally almost ready for a NA release.  The official release date isn't set in stone, but it is expected to be entering open beta within a month or so.  SiN plans to hit this game with our usual gusto, so new and old players are invited to stop by the forums and hook up in the latest closed beta events/open beta!

Once a release date is known and server names are confirmed, expect another news post announcing where we are going and which faction.

As the title says, Sinister will be playing ESO on the side of the Daggerfall Covenant.  It's been a while since a game has come out that actually seems polished and ready for prime time.  Over the past 6 months or so the game has shaped up quite nicely as the developers have been very receptive to feedback from the players.  I admittedly haven't played the game a ton, but the bit that I have it looks like it could easily provide a few months of fun at the very least.  The class/progression system + the diversity it allows, and the significance of crafting throughout the whole game are both very strong points for the game.

Those of you that have been out of action for a while should probably dust off your keyboards and pre-order for the early access + ability to play any race on any alliance.  I think this will be one you don't want to miss!

The 5-day early access launch is on Sunday, March 30th @ 7am EST.  With it being a single mega-server for NA if you want your normal name you better get up early!

February 26, 2014   admin

Got the new site up and running.  Hopefully it stays up and running!  Have a look around.  A quick list of things on the todo list:

  • Get more history written and added to that section.
  • Get logo/whatever for top section(that's why that big blank area is there!).
  • Work on layout of the streams section more.
  • Adjust some text coloring on the forums as required.

If you run into any issues please feel free to send me suggestions/feedback.